Our Mission

We want to make this your favourite stop, your go-to website, for motivational words, and our mission is to draw attention to the immense, largely unharnessed, power that is the human mind; we want to awaken people to the huge power station and energy force field of resource that lies fallow, mostly unknown and largely untapped, within us. Much that we could effortlessly and readily achieve as human beings remains unachieved simply because we lack the know-how, we don’t have the relevant skills, to bring things about. We have no knowledge of the fountain of wealth we could draw from and don’t know how to go about applying our abilities. Our aim is, together with our visitors, to learn to tap into this resource so we start actually living and not merely existing; let’s make the most of our resource and live life to the fullest. 

Much has been said and written about ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, ‘The Law of Attraction’, ‘As a Man Thinketh in His Mind’, and several other literature, journals and books that describe the distinct and significant role of mindset, attitude, belief, confidence in the self, etc., that aid and support personal growth and physical achievement. However, not enough is done to impart this know-how to individuals so they can manifest things. The Power of Positive Thinking states that ‘a basic truth hitherto neglected [is] that our physical condition is determined very largely by our emotional condition, and our emotional life is profoundly regulated by our thought [world]’.

Mohammed Ali is quoted as saying ‘if I can visualise it, I can actualise it’. Therefore, together let’s make the most of this knowledge, let’s take this journey to explore and make the most of the ‘thought world’. So, welcome to Mansion of Wellness, the Home of Wellness where we’ll learn to achieve our dreams, attain our goals and sustain a wholesome and well balanced mind, the bedrock for exploring personal growth which nurtures and supports the individual’s ability to chart his or her path in life. This is an effort to further inner development and uncover our hidden potentials; it is to empower individuals with skills that will add value to their experience in life on the path of the individual to unleash their potentials to achieving their goals, whatever these may be.

What visitors say

“Thank you for sharing these insights, they call up something from deep within and I’d like to read more of your blogs. This is very refreshing; thank you. “


Lagos, Nigeria

“This gives me courage to pursue my dreams now I know that ‘my life is in my hands, or rather in my mind’. To quote August Strindberg: I dream, therefore I exist.

Iya Mi Vie'

Vesta Violins

 “This is an important resource to  sustain peace of mind in the middle of current uncertainties. Thank you for creating an oasis of peace; I will visit regularly!”

PomPom TimTim

New Jersey, USA